Who is it for?

The Conscious Cannabis Club is here to support follow women entreprenures that use cannabis in any form to enhance their entreprenurial journey. It doesn't matter what industry you fall into, we are all here to work together and provide a safe space where you can be open about your cannabis consumption with other entreprenures without judgement.


The Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast is for women entrepreneurs that use cannabis consciously to enhance their entreprenurial journey. The show is all about the cannabis plant, entrepreneurship, mindset and self-care. Join your host Amandine in her journey navigating the industry as a solopreneur, as she and her fantastic guests support you in the growth of your own cannabiz


Hannah Wenn of Hannabis


Founder & Director of Hannabis - CBD Movement

A true entreprenuer and mum of two, Hannah holds an incredible amount of knoweldge of the rights and wrongs within the CBD industry, including what is required to build an award winning company. Already teaching her affiliates how to build a successful business everyday, with some going as far as launching their own products. Hannah thought she would share her knowledge further.


Founder & CEO of Bloem & Moi & The Conscious Cannabis Club

This Amsterdam-based business owner gave up a secure job to create the life she wanted around her passion, now she’s ready to share her knowledge and support others wanting to follow in her footsteps. Creating bespoke hemp tea blends for fellow women cannapreneurs & sharing her magic with the world. Amandine has an incredible amount of knowledge about botanicals in general & how to look after your health in a natural way.

Working Better Together

Weekly co-working sessions are hosted online every Monday with exclusive access to our members. These sessions kick start the week by reflecting on our previous week, sharing our wins & our main challenge. As well as giving us the opportunity to reach out for help.

Gain Knowledge From Like Minded People

Within ‘The Mastermind’ you will find a group of entreprentures that use and support others using cannabis to enhance their entreprenurial journey. Providing you with a safe space to fully express yourself and not fear the judgement the others may upon you when you talk about your love for cannabis.

Guest Speakers

We don’t pretend to know it all. We wouldn’t have gotten where we are today without some (or a lot of) support. Become a member and benefit from the knowledge of other highly skilled guest speakers.