Who is it for?

The Conscious Cannabis Club aims to reach and aid people already within or planning to join the Cannabis industry. The industry is growing quickly, everybody wants to be a part of it... But you don't have to do it alone. Become a member today and surround yourself with industry leaders, professionals in their field and others like you, building their own success.

our teaching team

Hannah Wenn

Founder/ Co-Director of Hannabis - CBD Movement & Potions'n' Lotions

A true entreprenuer and mum of two, Hannah holds an incredible amount of knoweldge of the rights and wrongs within the CBD industry, including what is required to build an award winning company.

Amandine Ayala

Founder/ Owner of The Conscious Cannabis Club & Bloem & Moi

This Amsterdam-based business owner gave up a secure job to create the life she wanted around her passion, now she’s ready to share her knowledge and support others wanting to follow in her footsteps.

Nicole Gore

Founder/ Co-Director of Hannabis & The Growth Collective

A designer at heart, Nicole has a keen eye for branding and a passion for growth like no other. Not sure how to brand your business in a way that stands out from the crowd? Bounce your ideas off Nicole for ganteed results.

Working Better Together

Empires arn’t built alone. Work alongside others already established within the industry. Grow your business faster with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips, surrounded by others doing the same.

Tailor Made For Your Industry

Yet to be seen before, this education platform has been created with CBD/ Cannabis businesses in mind, while some content can be applied to a wide range of businesses, where possible, we focus on creating content specifically for those involved in the cannabis industry.

Guest Speakers

We don’t pretend to know it all. We wouldn’t have gotten where we are today without some (or a lot of) support. Become a member and benefit from the knowledge of other highly skilled guest speakers.