The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 11

Episode 11

Hannah & Nicole on Cannabis and Motherhood

In our society mothers tend to get blamed for everything – in many ways it can often feel like it’s impossible to “get it right” in the eyes of society; add cannabis to the story and you have a recipe for judgement from all sides.

Time stamps

03:04 Hannah and Nicole’s entry into the world of cannabis

14:49 The fear of public perception

22:20 Cannabis as self-care for mothers

27:05 Cats and weed

32:13 Dealing with critical comments

39:39 Cannabis and pregnancy

50:00 The legal side

58:17 Cannabis and kids

1:10:08 Instant Janes

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 11 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Hannabis co-founders Hannah and Nicole about all things motherhood and cannabis, including Hannah’s current legal battle, the role of cannabis in self-care, pregnancy and THC and dealing with criticism. Listen in to find out why both Hannah and Nicole confirm that cannabis helps them be better mothers.

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