The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 13

Episode 13

Dr. Callie Seaman on ‘the Perfect Strain’ and how to find it 

Did you know that hormones change how our body is affected by cannabis? Or that it’s possible to identify terpenes with your olfactory sense?

Time stamps

02:53 The myth of the perfect strain

10:17 The cultural obsession with perfection

14:09 Callie’s favourite strains

22:35 CBD versus CBN

26:37 Pesticides versus organic growing

30:48 Limitation of strains

35:03 The magic and medicine of growing

39:20 Understanding the chemical composition of cannabis

49:55 Finding strains with your nose

58:48 The power of intention

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 13 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Dr. Callie Seaman, a plant scientist entrepreneur and expert in the medical cannabis industry about the myth of the perfect strain, understanding the chemical composition of cannabis, identifying strains with your nose and the subtle power of intention.

Episode 13 Resources

Dr. Callie Seaman: 

CBD versus CBN:

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