Episode 1

Episode 1

Amandine on perfectionism and its devastating consequences in life and business

In this first episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast, host Amandine shares her story: 

  • how her business Bloem & Moi started
  • what mindset and self-care mean to her and her cannabiz
  • her story and relationship with cannabis
  • what the Conscious Cannabis Club is about

Amandine also discusses perfectionism, its devastating effect on life and business, and how it almost kept this podcast coming into the world.

Time stamps

03:00 The early years in business

07:00 The start of my self-care journey

10:53 History of my relationship with cannabis

21:24 Bloem&Moi; cannabis for self-care

23:44 The birth of the Conscious Cannabis Club

28:57 Perfectionism and the birth of the podcast

Short description

In this episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I share the history of my relationship with cannabis, the birth of Bloem & Moi and the Conscious Cannabis Club, and my journey with perfectionism as I’ve built my business. I’ll also share why information isn’t enough when it comes to selecting your cannabis of choice, the power of tea, and the big Why behind the CCC.

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