Episode 2

Episode 2

Amandine on navigating the Cannabis Industry in Europe

In this episode, Amandine shares her journey finding her place in the Cannabis Industry as a new business owner and solopreneur. She discusses navigating the industry, and connecting with other entrepreneurs with a purpose, paving the way for fantastic collaborations and friendships. Amandine also shares some industry facts and figures – both global and European.

Time stamps

01:12 The fragmented cannabis industry in Europe 

03:20 The challenges of becoming an entrepreneur 

07:10 Herbal tea production and self-care

10:24 Entering the cannabis industry

14:04 Takeaways from the Hemp & CBD Expo 2019 and 2020

17:24 Cannabis industry in Amsterdam

20:51 Cannabis and CBD facts and figures 

Amandine’s Short description

In this episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I share my journey of becoming a cannabis entrepreneur, the challenges and the insights, and how I discovered that tea promotes self-care. We’ll also explore the state of the cannabis industry in Europe, the potential of networking events and some facts and figures about the industry.

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