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Episode 3

Episode 3

Hannah Wenn on the UK CBD Industry and its challenges

Hannah Wenn joins Amandine to further the discussion around the Cannabis Industry in Europe. With a specific focus on the UK CBD industry, Hannah shares her story and own experience, including powerful learnings and tricky challenges. 

Hannah is the co-Director of award-winning UK CBD brand Hannabis, cannabis advocate, mother of 2, chronic illness warrior, and CBD beauty wizard. In one year she has taken Hannabis from the stage of idea to a recognised and respected name in the industry. She is committed and dedicated, she says she’ll love a day off but as soon as the business is done and the kids are in bed she misses the madness; which is usually when the new ideas and plans get going!

Time stamps

02:43 Hannah Wenn and the founding of Hannabis 

10:16 The cannabis industry in the UK

18:32 Ethics in the cannabis community

32:50 Challenges in the industry

38:55 The amazing rise of Hannabis  

47:47 The biggest learnings for Hannah

56:52 The Conscious Cannabis Club – The Membership

Amandine’s Short Description

In this episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Hannah Wenn, co-founder of award-winning UK-based CBD brand Hannabis about the cannabis industry in the UK, ethics and divides in the industry, and the amazing growth of Hannabis and the Conscious Cannabis Club. Hannah also shares the struggles of the first year of business, her advice for people wanting to enter the cannabis industry and some of her favourite cannabis businesses.

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