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Episode 7

Episode 7

Aline de Angelis on the legislation surrounding coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Despite being world-renowned for its coffee shops, Amsterdam does not have a very friendly policy towards the local industry. It’s a world of ever-changing regulations, restrictions and stigma – but one coffee shop owner definitely still feels it’s worth it!

Aline co-owns one of the only organic coffeeshops in Amsterdam, La Tertulia, with her mother. Women-owned, and women-run, La Tertulia is unlike any other coffee shop in the city. The feminine vibe and high-quality organic bud will transport you. It’s possibly the only coffeeshop you could see yourself on a date in, surrounded by greenery and crystals – it’s a must-see if you are ever in Amsterdam.

Time stamps

02:40 La Tertulia coffee shop

09:48 The changing landscape of cannabis regulations

13:38 The challenges owners face today

21:13 State-wide cannabis growing

32:19 Being a female business owner

35:36 The divide between CBD and THC in the Netherlands

38:13 Alina’s key learnings 

42:53 Being a conscious business owner

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 7 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Alina d’Angelisse, co-owner of La Tertulia, a magical coffee shop I’ve worked at in the past and still feel is one of the most unique and wonderful spots in Amsterdam to have a smoke. In this conversation, we explore the shifting landscape of the cannabis industry in Amsterdam, the divide between the CBD and THC industries and the key challenges and learnings of being a female conscious business owner. 

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