The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 8

Episode 8

Amandine on the Importance of Finding your People 

We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, and when you’re running a conscious business, you want to be particularly intentional about who you’re spending time with. Not only that but the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey mean that you need people who will be able to understand and support you as you grow into a business owner.

Time stamps

01:22 Why my people are business people

06:24 The entrepreneurial mindset

10:15 The potential of being self-employed

17:49 Your network is your net worth

21:20 The bus analogy

29:50 Not everyone will be your person

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 8 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I talk about the changes in community that inevitably accompany starting your own business, the entrepreneurial mindset, the potential of being a business owner and the incredible potential in finding your people.

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