Finding your tribe in Cannabis industry

Finding your Tribe in the Cannabis Industry – a conversation

The key aspects of building a successful business

Nicole Gore is the co-director of award-winning CBD brand Hannabis and CEO of The Growth Collective, a branding agency as well as co-leader of the Conscious Cannabis Club. We connected online last year and became fast friends and business partners, and she’s one of the people who has been very influential in some of the ways my business has shifted over that time.

There are two things that are absolutely crucial when it comes to building a business; mindset and people (or your “network”). Your mindset is an ongoing practice that will continue to evolve and uplevel as your business grows. Your people can be a diverse set of whom the core should ideally be people who share your values.

Porter Gale says, “Your network is your net worth” and while that sentence made me uncomfortable at first, as I’ve advanced in my business journey I’ve come to realise exactly how true it is. Not in a purely commercial way, but across the board; inspiration, mentorship, peers, creative brainstorming, partnerships etc.

Positioning yourself for success

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. That quote from business guru Jim Rohn applies to all areas of our lives and is pretty mind blowing to think about. It applies to dietary habits, to finances, to career, to partnerships and is a great exercise to give us insight into how and why we are where we are. 

Nicole shared with me a story she heard on TikTok of a woman who started running through an affluent neighbourhood on a regular basis. She ended up making friends with some of the people she would run into, getting invited to weddings and into the world of these people who inhabited a completely different financial reality than she did – long story short, she wound up rich.

Discernment is important in every area of life, but perhaps most of all with people. It’s important to notice the energetic impact of people we spend time with; if someone takes a lot of energy you might need to scale back the amount of time you spend with them. Business is relationships, so cultivating and using discernment here is crucial, as well as learning to navigate the choppy waters when there are disagreements.

Denise Duffield Thomas says that we should celebrate the challenges that occur in business; she sees them as rites of passage. Whether it be your first refund request, online troll, bad review, if you weren’t in business you wouldn’t be getting any of these – they are proof you are going for it and doing The Thing. It’s par for the course and it is simply a sign of growth.

With time we learn to handle the disappointments and not being able to please everyone, how to deal with unhappy customers and to pay more attention to the customers who are delighted with our products and services.

Finding your people

You know someone’s your person when the connection feels very natural. Your people come to you, often through ways you couldn’t have predicted. At the same time you have to be out there and visible in order for people to find you, whether it’s in person events or online.

It starts with just being aware of the kind of people you’d like to have come into your life; getting clear on what qualities they possess and how it feels to be in connection with them. Carrying that intention of meeting them around with you as you go about your day makes you much more receptive to recognising connection opportunities that are a match.

Also, keep in mind that your existing network (old friends and colleagues, vague acquaintances, neighbors, friends of your parents etc) also know people who might be of interest to you. If you hear about someone who’s interesting, ask to be put in touch. People generally love to help and connect people; don’t be shy!

The Conscious Cannabis Club & The Growth Collective 

The Conscious Cannabis Club started with Hannah and Nicole and I started a mastermind that helped us so much that we decided to open it up to other people (whole story in episode 1). Our shared intention is running a business with heart, and we guide the community to be centered around that as a key value.

One of the things the community is great for is accountability. Studies have shown that if you share your goals with peers you have 94% higher chances of achieving them. So having a mastermind and being able to share your goals and vision is actually not just a fluffy extra but a key factor in business success.

The Growth Collective was likewise born through ideas developed through being in business and encountering inspirational ideas. Nicole is a graphics designer and her vision is to bring together a community of professionals who will support other businesses in their branding; a branding hub for artists, videographers, musicians and photographers that come under one company but are all self-employed.

Both the Conscious Cannabis Club and the Growth Collective were born through connections – heartfelt, value-aligned connections. We found our people and magic happened; because we asked and we dared. Despite all the emphasis on social media and the perfect landing page, the ultimate business hack remains the awesome humans you bring into your life.

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Picture Credit:   Alexis Brown on Unsplash

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