We've been in your shoes...

You are a woman entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. 

You want to build a successful business.

You’ve googled all the things, you’re exhausted and still not moving forward.

You’ve join a bunch of random cannabis groups on FB in the hopes to make more connections within the industry.

You’re overwhelmed by the masculine energy and you’re desperately searching for your tribe.

You’ve lost the will to live Wondering: how do all these people do this? While others Are getting shit done and moving forward.

You don’t need to do this anymore

We’ve created a 3 day workshop to help you kick start your cannabiz!

No need to scramble the interweb to find the information you need.

Learn from experienced industry leaders in this FREE 3 day workshop Coming Soon…

Day 1 – Goals

Day 2 – Strategy

Day 3 – Action Plan

Does this sound familiar?

“I’m stuggling to promote my business because I don’t know what I can and cannot say.”

“I’m overwhelmed and have no direction”

“I’m working all the time but feel like nothing’s getting done.”

“I’m not holding myself accountable and pushing everything to the next day, week, month or year.”

“I’m absolutely nowhere with social media.”

“I’m not making the money I want and deserve from my business.”

“I’m stuck on ideas and not taking action in my business.”

“I’ve invested in so many courses but I’ve not seen results.”

“I’m envious of my competitors’ success.”

“I don’t think success is possible while I’m raising kids.”

Save Your Seat

What Am I Getting?

A FREE 3 day workshop with 2 of the leading cannapreneurs in the industry. Working together to set our goals for the year, come up with at strategy to complete them & putting an action plan into place.

Together they cover 5 different sectors of the cannabis indsutry:

Award winning uk CBD brand

Amsterdam-based conscious cannabis self-care brand

Hassle Free Cosmetic Creation/Testing Brand

Conscious Cannabis Community

Stoners Boutique

Affiliate Marketing Businesses

Authentic, passionate women who have done the work and want to share our experience as openly as possible to help you in your path.

We are still figuring it out as we go and not afraid to say it.

We have years of experience in:

Cannabis Industry

Affiliate/Network marketing

Building and Maintaining Several Successful

Ecommerce Stores

Branding and design

Social Media Marketing

On/Offline Sales

Business management


Packaging & Design

Successful Business/Product Launches

Product Development

Leadership & Mentorship

Expand your Knowledge

Learn from the expirence of 2 industry leaders, each bring a different skill set to the table.

Stay compliant

Get the right support to build a successful, compliant cannabiz without getting overwhelmed.

Find Your Tribe

Share your cannapreneur journey with a supportive cannabiz community.

We Keep You In Mind

We curate our content to fit our members needs & locations.

Our members say

"Without the Monday morning sessions, I don’t know where I’d be in my business. Everyone really supports each other."
Beverley Mayes
"It's great to see professionals in the field to ask questions too. They gave me the motivation to a start my own business."
Sally Downing
"The Conscious Cannabis Club has helped me become more focused and mindful that it’s ok not to be visible 24/7."
Christ-Mariee Price
"There's no pressure here, I love that I can consume content at my own pace. The information provided is so valuable & easy to implement. The sense of community is amazing."
Jess Gelling
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