The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 12

Episode 12

Amandine on her Cannabis adventure

Intelligent use of cannabis is all about knowing yourself, but for me, cannabis has been a big part of getting to know myself. The two go hand in hand – as you get more in touch with yourself and your needs, you’re better able to use cannabis as a tool for self-care, which in turn helps you connect more deeply with yourself.

Time stamps

04:58 Worthiness and procrastination

08:16 Family patterns of wounding

14:29 The journey to the perfect strain

19:22 Learning what works for you

28:49 The effect of prohibition

36:06 Cannabis as self-care

42:52 My favourite strains

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 12 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak about my journey to the perfect strain (the perfect strain for me that is), the scary physiological effects I experienced from smoking the “wrong” strain and the emotional triggers that can still show up for me around worthiness and visibility related to this podcast. I also share my favourite strains (several of them organic) and the impact of intention on how cannabis affects you.

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