The Concious Cannabis Club - The Podcast

The Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast is for entrepreneurs with a purpose within the Cannabis Industry. The show is all about the cannabis plant, entrepreneurship, mindset and self-care. Join your host Amandine in her journey navigating the industry as a solopreneur, as she and her fantastic guests support you in the growth of your own cannabiz.

Meet Your Host

Amandine Ayala is, well, quite a few things:

  • Founder and CEO of Bloem & Moi
  • True Entrepreneur at heart
  • Animal and Cannabis Lover
  • Business Consultant
  • Bed & Bud Hostess
  • Crazy Cat Lady

Amandine believes in the benefits of all plants, and in the benefits of the whole plant. She believes in a world where plant medicine is available to all those who need it. In that world being medicated isn’t attached to a stigma, and putting yourself first is a sign of strength and balance. 

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