The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 6

Episode 6

Amandine on Cannabis Legislation in the Netherlands 

Despite the globally held belief to the contrary, cannabis is not in fact legal in the Netherlands. And thanks to pretty confusing laws and attitudes around it, many consumers in the country are aware that engaging with cannabis means engaging in a rather grey area, legally speaking.

Time stamps

00:38 A personal update

06:04 Cannabis in France

11:54 The legal status of cannabis in the Netherlands

21:50 Contradictory laws in the Netherlands

32:08 The path ahead

41:21 Current CBD legislation

Amandine’s Short Description

 In episode 6 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I address the legal status of both cannabis and CBD in the Netherlands so that by the end you know all the knotty little ins and outs of the current legal situation and local attitudes.

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