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Episode 8

Episode 8

Amandine on the Importance of Finding your People 

We are the sum of the five people we spend the most time with, and when you’re running a conscious business, you want to be particularly intentional about who you’re spending time with. Not only that but the challenges of the entrepreneurial journey mean that you need people who will be able to understand and support you as you grow into a business owner.

Time stamps

01:22 Why my people are business people

06:24 The entrepreneurial mindset

10:15 The potential of being self-employed

17:49 Your network is your net worth

21:20 The bus analogy

29:50 Not everyone will be your person

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 8 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I talk about the changes in community that inevitably accompany starting your own business, the entrepreneurial mindset, the potential of being a business owner and the incredible potential in finding your people.

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Janne Robinson: 

Rob Moore: 

The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 7

Episode 7

Aline de Angelis on the legislation surrounding coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Despite being world-renowned for its coffee shops, Amsterdam does not have a very friendly policy towards the local industry. It’s a world of ever-changing regulations, restrictions and stigma – but one coffee shop owner definitely still feels it’s worth it!

Aline co-owns one of the only organic coffeeshops in Amsterdam, La Tertulia, with her mother. Women-owned, and women-run, La Tertulia is unlike any other coffee shop in the city. The feminine vibe and high-quality organic bud will transport you. It’s possibly the only coffeeshop you could see yourself on a date in, surrounded by greenery and crystals – it’s a must-see if you are ever in Amsterdam.

Time stamps

02:40 La Tertulia coffee shop

09:48 The changing landscape of cannabis regulations

13:38 The challenges owners face today

21:13 State-wide cannabis growing

32:19 Being a female business owner

35:36 The divide between CBD and THC in the Netherlands

38:13 Alina’s key learnings 

42:53 Being a conscious business owner

Amandine’s Short Description

In episode 7 of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Alina d’Angelisse, co-owner of La Tertulia, a magical coffee shop I’ve worked at in the past and still feel is one of the most unique and wonderful spots in Amsterdam to have a smoke. In this conversation, we explore the shifting landscape of the cannabis industry in Amsterdam, the divide between the CBD and THC industries and the key challenges and learnings of being a female conscious business owner. 

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The Conscious Cannabis Club Podcast

Episode 5

Episode 5

Jess Gelling on Management and Leadership in the Cannabis Industry 

With an explosive growth curve over the last year that has resulted in the hiring of an affiliate manager to serve the 270 affiliate members of award-winning CBD brand Hannabis, the company has nonetheless managed to retain its innovative approach to affiliate marketing.

Jess Gelling is the Affiliate Manager of award-winning UK CBD brand Hannabis. Her job is to help people get their CBD biz up and running as well as running her own. She is a huge believer in the power of cannabis and wants to spread the word as far and wide as it will go. She is the creator and host for a new upcoming podcast The UK Potcast. Her ultimate goal would be to turn many many sceptics into believers and see this country towards decriminalisation.

Time stamps

02:48 Hannabis and the affiliate approach

07:79 The role of an affiliate manager

10:44 The difference between leaders and managers

12:50 The biggest challenges of the role

16:45 The biggest learnings of the role

21:02 One piece of advice for someone starting a cannabis business

Amandine’s short description

In this episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I speak with Jess Gelling, the recently installed affiliate manager for the UK brand about her challenges and insights into leadership, management and fostering growth-inducing company culture.

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Episode 1

Episode 1

Amandine on perfectionism and its devastating consequences in life and business

In this first episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast, host Amandine shares her story: 

  • how her business Bloem & Moi started
  • what mindset and self-care mean to her and her cannabiz
  • her story and relationship with cannabis
  • what the Conscious Cannabis Club is about

Amandine also discusses perfectionism, its devastating effect on life and business, and how it almost kept this podcast coming into the world.

Time stamps

03:00 The early years in business

07:00 The start of my self-care journey

10:53 History of my relationship with cannabis

21:24 Bloem&Moi; cannabis for self-care

23:44 The birth of the Conscious Cannabis Club

28:57 Perfectionism and the birth of the podcast

Short description

In this episode of the Conscious Cannabis Club – The Podcast I share the history of my relationship with cannabis, the birth of Bloem & Moi and the Conscious Cannabis Club, and my journey with perfectionism as I’ve built my business. I’ll also share why information isn’t enough when it comes to selecting your cannabis of choice, the power of tea, and the big Why behind the CCC.

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